If you have a creative brain you’ll know the feeling when you just can’t get into a project and your head isn’t in the right place to make all those marvellous ideas that usually come so naturally. 

This was me for the last couple of weeks.

It even crossed my mind to take a big step back from art altogether (shock horror!) which is quite a dramatic turn of events. At the same time as thinking all of this I was having a couple of home improvements done and decided to sort out and reorganise my mezzanine studio (a job I’d been putting off since I moved in over a year ago!).

This is where the clothes airer comes in….as part of the sort out I had a rearrange of things and put up an old school hand pulled clothes airer in the roof space which completely transformed the area, giving me tons more space and light. The sort out subsequently got me restarted on a couple of half finished pieces.

So I could go into a whole metaphor about how washing clothes relates to reinvigorating your work but when you just don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere with your art the real answer is to have a bit of a reorganisation and you’ll realise things aren’t as bad as you thought! If you plough on regardless you run the risk of losing any sort of enthusiasm or creativity for whatever you’re working on. 

So go on take a break and get your creative juices flowing again!


It’s Goosefest this weekend in Goose Eye. Come on down to the Turkey for beer, music and arts festival. I’ll have a couple of pieces up, see if you can spot them….even more of a fun game after you’ve had a couple of the coast to coast beers! 


Come to the Handpicked Hall in Skipton (entrance next to the bus station) and pick up your free postcard from my stall! I will also have a selection of paintings and arty nick-nacks for your perusal.


I’ve added a few more arty bits and pieces on Etsy as well as more coaster designs: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CTCreativeDesigns




Can’t remember when and where I’ll be exhibiting?…..I’ve set up a new page on my website so you can stay up to date: http://www.catherinethomascreativedesigns.co.uk/exhibitions-and-fairs.php


I will be at the Handpicked Hall, Skipton selling my wares on 24th & 31st August….special offers are going to be released nearer the time. Hope to see you there!


Tip 7: Painting Stonework

You might think painting stonework would make for a time consuming piece….every individual brick work pattern. Instead try painting more loosely to give the impression of stonework. I used this technique in one of my more recent pieces ‘Over the Road’.

To give the impression of stonework I painted a pale sand/brown coloured wash over the canvas then left to dry. I then mixed a few different shades of darker brown and using a small flat brush (as pictured) applied on top of the base coat. I mixed and matched which darker shades I used across the painting to add interest and imply wear/weathering as the houses in this instance were old. I used the flat brush as it provided the shape of the bricks with each stroke.

As you can see from the close up photo the stone shapes were not placed in the brick-like pattern the house was built in and you can even see two stones painted directly above one another which wouldn’t happen in house building! From a distance however you cannot see the individual stones and automatically see it as stonework.

To add a small amount of definition I added a couple of sections of oil pastel stonework outlines (not necessarily following the paint) in a contrasting colour.

See the finished piece here: http://catherinethomascreativedesigns.tumblr.com/post/54272639857/over-the-road-saltaire-my-latest


'Autumn by the River'


Fab day at Saltaire arts and crafts fair!